Looking for a way to add a more personal touch to your living or work space without the high cost of expensive interior decorating? A unique, affordable and easily customizable solution to your decorating needs and fabric craft ideas can be found in self-adhesive craft foam.

Self-adhesive craft foam blocks come in a variety of different sizes and styles, making it the perfect solution to fill that empty wall space above a desk, mantle or anywhere in your home or office space.


Craft Foam Products

One of the versatile features of craft foam is the different types of foam-based products offered by Foamology 101. Most foam decorating projects can be completed using our Design Foam, high-quality dense foam that is made to the perfect thickness, offering flexibility and plenty of creative options for your craft foam project. Using our stickybase™ technology this self-adhesive craft foam allows simple installation of your craft foam art.

When adding in cushion foam for comfort and style, acoustic foam for sound dampening and absorption and household utility foam for all your padding or insulation needs, any Foamology product makes for a creative and easy solution to your home needs.

Whether crafting decorative fabric wall tiling for the living room, a memo board for the office or a soft wall for your child’s room, self-adhesive craft foam offers an endless amount of decorative ideas at a fraction of the cost of framed artwork.


Cutting Patterns and Fabric Wall Art

Our design foam offers the option of getting your foam precut in decorative surface cuts, making the process fabric covering and your fabric craft ideas. Soft design foam can be cut in a crisscross, on the grid or “poke a dot” pattern allows fabric to be tucked or tufted into the foam using ordinary household tools, fitting all of your fabric craft ideas.

Using the self-adhesive foam makes sticking the fabric to your foam block easier than ever. Offering a durable and safe project, self-adhesive foam is kid friendly solution and affordable art project, with endless customization options and no mess or special tools needed. The adhesive foam board makes installation a breeze.

It is easy to add a personal touch to any room in your home or office with a fabric craft project. Whether you use fabric you already own or if you shop for a new decorative material, most any type of fabric works great with our self-adhesive craft foam, granting you endless amounts of freedom for your fabric craft ideas.

To learn more about self-adhesive craft foam, or to find inspiration and tips for your all of your fabric craft ideas, please visit Foamology101.com today.


Craft Foam Decorating Solutions

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